What are the benefits of Washing and Waxing your car?

There are many benefits to waxing your car. However, in order for a wax to stay on your car, you must wash your car by HAND! This might sounds like a bit of a pain, but the end result is well worth the work. Plus, you get to spend some intimate time with your vehicle other than speeding down the highway. Waxing can be difficult in a lot of states for about 3-5 months during the winter, during this time just tunnel wash your car and don’t worry about waxing it. So now you’re asking what are the benefits of waxing my car if I have to go through the work of washing my car? Here are some of great advantages to waxing:

Your Car gets dirtier, slower– Yes! If you wash and wax your car properly your car will stay cleaner during even through bad weather for a couple of weeks at least.

Protection from scratches- That’s right. Having that layer of wax can stop minor scratches from damaging the car, and instead scratch the wax.

Paint Protection- The sun can be brutal on a car, especially in states like California, Arizona, and Nevada. Having wax on your car can delay discoloration and peeling of your cars paint.

Waxed Cars just look better- Wax brings out a brilliant shine and depth to your car that you won’t get without it!

The trick of getting that shine to stick!


It doesn’t matter what kind of wax you use or the type of microfiber cloth that you use either, it’s all about the consistency. If you wax it once, it won’t really do anything for your car. Come up with a routine, for example, every 4-5 weeks you should hand wash and wax your car. If you stick to that schedule you will see the benefits of the wax!

For tips on exactly how to wax your car go to http://www.automagic.com/Training/waxing.htm

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