Preventing Break-ins on Your Vehicle

A burglar in action to rob something out of a car

There isn’t much that is more upsetting than finding your personal space or property invaded and stolen. While there isn’t a sure-fire way to completely prevent your vehicle from being broken into when unattended, there are a numbers of things that can be done to lessen the chance of becoming a target.

Here’s the best advice for avoiding problems:

  • Always lock your car doors. While this seems like a no-brainer, how many times have you returned to your vehicle to find that you, your spouse, or your teenager has forgotten to engage the lock? Having a set ritual as you exit the car can help. Park. Roll up windows. Keys. Bag. Open Door. Engage Lock. Close Door. Check it again before you walk away.
  • Yes, they are annoying, but… If you have an alarm system, activate it every time you leave the vehicle.
  • Consider paid parking. Parking your vehicle in a monitored lot may cost you a few extra dollars, but the presence of security guards put the odds in greatly in your favor of not being the victim of a vehicle break in.
  • Don’t leave valuables in your car. Even if you are just running a quick run into the market, take your smartphone with you. When you are shopping, stash your purchases in the trunk, not the back seat.
  • Look for the light. Well-lit areas raise the levels of visibility, causing thieves to think twice before breaking into your car.
  • Not a single glove in there. The glove compartment is the right place to leave small valuable electronics when you exit your car. If they don’t fit in the glove compartment or closed center console, stash them out of site under the seat. Taking that extra moment to conceal your valuables can be a pain, but it can save you the inconvenience and expense of a break in.
  • Use the Non-Emergency Number. Call police non-emergency numbers to report when you see suspicious activity like someone peering into vehicles as they walk down your street. Your heads-up to the authorities could help them arrest the thief who has been breaking to vehicles all over town.

At Bay Ram Collision Center, our number one priority is the relationship we develop with each one of our customers. We know that having your car broken into can be nerve-wracking, and dealing with the damage to your vehicle afterwards is an additional frustration. At Bay Ram Collision Center, we can help you return your car into the original condition and get you back on the road safely. Stop by and see us today.

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