Prevent Deaths Caused By Auto Heat with Rear Seat Reminder

Every summer we hear the horrific news of dozens of children dying from heat stroke after being left inside a hot car. One automaker is working to make a difference and introducing a new feature to put an end to the problem. With the new 2017 Acadia, GMC is launching a new important feature called the Rear Seat Reminder. If the vehicle suspects someone might be accidentally left behind, the feature works to raise your awareness. While the airbag can sense items or people in the front seat, the system does not sense items or individuals in the back seat.

GMC’s alert is triggered when the vehicle’s monitoring system records rear doors being opened and closed either within 10 minutes of the vehicle starting or while the vehicle is running. In this circumstance, five chimes will sound and a warning will display.

Warnings will be displayed regardless of interior or exterior temperature; while the summer months are the deadliest, deaths can occasionally occur during cold weather if a person is left behind as well.

Drivers should be aware that temperatures in vehicles can quickly rise to dangerous levels, even if the ambient temperature seems cool and comfortable.

An alarming percentage of children are intentionally left in cars. It can happen to anyone; a negligent caretaker, whether a parent, grandparent, or babysitter, can leave a child or pet behind while they go to work or run an errand, not expecting any problems. Another reason this system is important is because, children unintentionally trap themselves in cars while playing in the cabin or trunk.

Preventing deaths to individuals trapped in cars requires education and awareness. GMC definitely has good intention with this new feature, however some feel it’s possible that drivers will come submit to “warning fatigue” and begin to ignore the messages. If this software-based solution prevents just one death, it will prove to be worth the effort.

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