Never Forget. Patriot Day!


We are reminded quite frequently of the events that occurred on “Nine-Eleven.” Most of us can still describe exactly where we were and what we were doing when the Twin Towers underwent a catastrophic terrorist attack affecting all Americans in 2001.

While the horrific events took place on U.S. soil – the grief and mass shock could be heard and felt throughout the globe. The unwarranted deaths of nearly 3,000 individuals will always be a part of American history. So will the daily sacrifices of those who choose to risk their lives to make our country a better place.

This national day of mourning, service and remembrance will be upon us once again – September 11, 2015. You will notice the White House flag will be flown at half staff and are also encouraged to be displayed on homes in the same fashion when possible. There will also be a moment of silence beginning at 8:46am eastern, the exact time the first plane struck the North Tower of the World Trade Center. Please join all in this moment of rememberance.

While Patriot day is not a Federal Holiday, we hope that you will join us in observance of this national and community holiday. School and businesses will remain open during this occasion.

Often times memorial ceremonies are held on this day throughout the country. Hayward, CA invites you to celebrate by showing your support to those who have passed, along with, survivors and family members that were so tragically affected.

You can do your part by donating to the Hayward, CA Memorial. With the support they have already received and yours – they hope to have a full memorial completed by September 11th, 2015.


For more information, please visit hayward911memorial.

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