Community Planning right here, in your own backyard!


Effective community development planning takes a comprehensive approach to meeting community needs. It is an approach that recognizes the relationships involving economic, physical and social development and growth. Community development is linked to empowerment and to valuing diversity of cultures. This rings true whether you are talking about planning in materially underdeveloped communities in the United States or in the so-called developing world.

Alameda County is trying to do their part. The Alameda County Planning Department is currently spearheading two planning processes involving both the Ashland and Cherryland unincorporated communities. These are two separate projects, with separate planning processes that share one website to streamline the community planning efforts that are underway.

You have the opportunity to read about both projects underway and get involved to do your part.

Business District Plan

This plan is working closely to revise and update the existing ACBD Specific Plan adopted in 1995. It involves community engagement, analysis of market conditions, mobility and circulation, parking impacts and civil infrastructure to enhance sustainable economic growth.

For an overview of specific Project Components please visit the Project Overview page.

Community Health & Wellness Element

This plan is currently underway to cover Ashland and Cherryland communities of Alameda County. They have partnered with The Alameda County Community Development Agency and Department of Public Health in an effort to address how policies can be revised to support public health, social equity, and environmental justice.

The success of the Community Health & Wellness Element depends on community participation. Your input will help decision-makers make choices that will affect the quality of life and health of your community! Click here to see how you too can get involve.

Whether your passion is for the health and safety of all in our community or how you can assist in economic growth, your support is greatly appreciated. All of us here at Bay Ram support those residing and utilizing the resources within Alameda County. We can greatly benefit from any and all economic and community health initiatives.

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