Summer Isn’t Over Until The Festival Ends

Summer is all about sun, fun and fresh fruits and veggies. This month, the unassuming zucchini takes center stage and brings on the fun when the South Hayward Lions Club hosts a weekend-long festival paying homage to these green and yellow beauties. The 34th annual Hayward Zucchini Festival will be held Aug. 20th and 21st […]

Wildfires Not Just a Threat To Landscape

Most Americans grew up hearing some variation of today’s slogan “Only You Can Prevent Forest Fires.” The popular public service advice from U.S. Forest Service spokesbear, Smokey the Bear, started back in 1944. It’s still relevant today as California moves into peak wildfire season. The fires are fueled by drought conditions that have left vegetation […]

It’s Festival Season!

With so many great music festivals happening near Hayward, it’s hard to pick just one! Going to a festival affords you a marvelous opportunity to listen to phenomenal music, make new friends, get outdoors, put on some great funky attire, and take in all that the experience offers. In July, Hayward welcomes two music festivals! […]

NACE CARS Expo & Conference

The NACE | CARS Expo & Conference event for the Collision & Service Repair Industries will take place in Anaheim from August 9th through the 13th. NACE, which is The International Autobody Congress & Exposition and CARS (The Congress of Automotive Repair and Service) offers a broad spectrum of opportunities to network with other industry […]

Father’s Day

Sometimes the best events are the ones you create and share with your own family. Maybe it takes a little planning with a certain location in mind or maybe it is just time you spend together doing all the things you have been saving up for a special moment… Well, that special moment is here! What […]

Preventing Break-ins on Your Vehicle

There isn’t much that is more upsetting than finding your personal space or property invaded and stolen. While there isn’t a sure-fire way to completely prevent your vehicle from being broken into when unattended, there are a numbers of things that can be done to lessen the chance of becoming a target. Here’s the best […]

Your Check Engine Light Is On

  Fans of the CBS comedy The Big Bang Theory have gotten some laughs over the writers’ running gag about Penny’s check engine light being on. To celebrate Car Care Month, we wanted to start our serious discussion about your car’s health with a few laughs. The infamous check engine light first appeared on the […]

Get Out!

For the most part, gone are the days of playing outdoors from first thing in the morning until the streetlights came on. People today are spending far more time inside. In fact, it’s predicted that people spend 90 percent of their time indoors, according to a U.S. Environmental Protection Agency report about indoor air quality. […]